As the year draws to a close, we are counting down our top 5 stories that you loved from 2023.

Collectin of images including a possum, butterfly, frog, fish and shelter

To wrap the year, we are counting down the top 5 stories, based on what you read the most in 2023.

A possum's face and two front paws peeking over a fallen log
A young ringtail possum. Photo credit: Martin Stokes

5. Possums in Adelaide

Rounding out the top 5 is everything you need to know about possums in Adelaide. Possums have called Adelaide home for hundreds of years, and so it is not a surprise that these tree-loving marsupials have made it into our top 5 stories.

Image of an orange and black butterfly against a leaf
An Australian painted lady butterfly. Photo: Jeremy Gramp

4. Butterflies to spot in Adelaide

Just a few short months ago, we released a story on 7 butterflies to spot in spring. Given people love spotting these delicate little critters fluttering through their garden, it was no wonder that this was a top read.

Two small sliver fish
A native common galaxia. Photo: Michael Hammer

3. Native fish of the River Torrens

The River Torrens / Karrawirra Pari, the soul of our city, has been the focus of lots of our stories this year – given the wide range of animal and plant species it supports, plus all of our projects along it, from looking at rewilding platypus, to successfully managing blue-green algae in the Torrens Lake, to the exciting progress on the Breakout Creek Stage 3 redevelopment.

But a story all about 5 native fish in the river caught your attention the most.

A brown frog holds onto a green reed
A brown tree frog. Photo: Martin Stokes

2. Steps for a frog-friendly garden

It turns out – more of you want to hear frogs around the garden! Our 4 steps to a frog-friendly garden was a popular story. Plus, we looked at the 6 native frog species you’re most likely to attract in Adelaide.

Image of a shelter installed at Breakout Creek

1. Visiting Breakout Creek / Purruna Pari

Our most popular story was all about what you need to know about visiting the newly regenerated and re-opened section of Breakout Creek / Purruna Pari.

It’s a section of the Torrens between Tapley’s Hill Road and Torrens Outlet that has been revamped to acknowledge the Kaurna significance of the area, create healthy habitat for fish and birds, improve the water quality of the Torrens and for people to enjoy.

It was re-opened to the public in September 2023 with new areas to explore, from the Kaurna Reflection Space on the northern side of the river toward the outlet, to new wetlands and more than 245,000 native plants.

This festive season could make for a great chance to check-out or re-visit this evolving space, including the soon the be installed Kaurna artworks.

That's a wrap!

It has been a huge year for us; from welcoming new members to our board, launching our environmental podcast, releasing our platypus scoping study investigating rewilding the River Torrens / Karrawirra Pari, learning about food gardening to help you save money on the grocery bill, and awarding $1 million to community environmental projects in another successful round of our Grassroots Grants program.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon, in 2024.

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