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Regional landscape plan

Our Regional Landscape Plan sets our strategic direction between 2021 and 2026. The plan was developed over 6 months of extensive consultation between November 2020 and April 2021.

Download a copy of our Regional Landscape Plan (PDF | 5.0 MB).

You can read about the consultation on our Regional Landscape Plan in the Consultation Report (PDF | 3.3 MB) or visit our YourSAY webpage.

Community and stakeholder feedback is available to read in the appendices document (PDF | 5 MB).

Annual business plan

Our Regional Landscape Plan is supported by an annual business plan that set the operational program each financial year.

Our annual business plans set out our proposed expenditure across a range of projects and programs for one financial year.

Download our 2023-24 Annual Business Plan (PDF | 5 MB).

Achievements Report / Highlights Report

Our Achievements Reports / Highlights Reports link with our annual business plans and reports and showcase our success stories to create a cooler, greener and wilder city.

Download our 2022-23 Highlights Report (PDF | 6 MB).

Our plans

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