We welcome requests from external organisations for sponsorships of events, initiatives and programs that offer Green Adelaide significant marketing value.

For us to consider sponsoring an activity, it must provide Green Adelaide with opportunities to promote our business and brand to new and diverse audiences, network with key stakeholders and better align with likeminded organisations.

Seeking a sponsorship from Green Adelaide requires an organisation to complete a sponsorship request form that clearly defines the marketing value that your organisation can offer us and any other associated benefits for our organisation. Note: in order to fill out the form, you will be asked to set up an account. Details on how to do so are provided at the link.

If you are unsure whether your request has significant marketing value, contact Green Adelaide Team Leader of Communications Melissa Martin for more information.

2023 sponsorships

Green Adelaide will be assessing sponsorship requests in December 2023. If you are seeking a sponsorship, please note that your request will not be considered and assessed until then.

If your request is successful, Green Adelaide requires a minimum of 6 weeks prior to your event or initiative to administer the sponsorship. Please bear these timeframes in mind when making a submission.

Any sponsorship requests submitted after 1 December will be assessed in March 2024.

Note: Sponsorship requests must be submitted via the link above or the button below.

Grant funding

Are you seeking funding from Green Adelaide to deliver an environmental project or program? Or would you like Green Adelaide to partner with your organisation? Visit Grants for details about how to apply.