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River Torrens Breakout Creek Stage 3

Breakout Creek along the River Torrens / Karrawirra Pari is being steadily transformed from an artificial channel into a more natural flowing and healthy creek.

The stage 3 redevelopment is the longest stretch at 1.5 kilometres and marks the end of 30-year makeover for this section of the River Torrens, which connects the river (fresh water) and the sea (salt water).

The entire Breakout Creek redevelopment stretches from Tapleys Hill Road in Lockleys to the Torrens Outlet in West Beach, a total of 2.7 kilometres of river.

Stage 3 will create wetlands to capture and clean stormwater and manage high flows, remove weeds, plant native vegetation to slow and treat water coming down the river and open the currently fenced-off space for people to enjoy with trails, picnic areas, signage and art. It also involves working with the traditional owners of the land, the Kaurna people, to acknowledge the significance of the area, as well as create healthy habitat for fish and bird species, and improve the water quality of the Torrens.

A message from the Kaurna Nation: Karrawirra Pari is a point of shared connection. With your participation and continuous support we can rejuvenate the spirit of the river and build a sense of cultural connection to this landscape for us all to enjoy.

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The River Torrens used to flow through sprawling reed beds towards the Port River in the north and the Patawalonga Creek in the south. When the western suburbs of Adelaide were being built, Breakout Creek was dug out as a channel in the 1930s to stop flooding in the area.

Stage 1 of the redevelopment saw a 500m section of Breakout Creek east of Henley Beach Road in the suburbs of Fulham and Lockleys, developed from an artificial channel to a more natural one in 1999.

Stage 2 of the redevelopment saw about 2ks between Henley Beach and Tapleys Hill roads continued to be opened up for community use with access to blue and green spaces with high biodiversity value in the urban landscape. It was completed in 2010 and included widening and deepening the channel, removing weeds and planting more than 200,000 native seedlings.

Stage 3 design

Feedback from the community helped design the project which includes 15 hectares of public land unlocked for community use. You can expect to see land and river revegetation, seating, picnic areas, access trails, Apex Park access upgrades, public art and a learning place about Kaurna culture.

The design also takes into account the redevelopment of Apex Park (including a new arena for the Lockley Riding Club). The emphasis is on habitat creation and supporting continuity from Breakout Creek stages 1 and 2.

What's happening next?

Construction works are expected to begin in late spring 2021.

Project partners

The project is a $12 million partnership between Green Adelaide, the City of Charles Sturt, the City of West Torrens, the South Australian Attorney-General’s Department through the Planning and Development Fund, the Australian Government through the Environment Restoration Fund and SA Water. The project is committed to working with the Traditional Owners of the Adelaide plains, the Kaurna people.