Helpful information

Are you thinking of applying for a grant? Browse some of our helpful tools and permits that you may need for your grant application.

Support letters and forms

Download this form to provide to stakeholders to show support for your project or grant.

Use this document if your organisation is not incorporated, and requires the support of a sponsor organisation.

Download this form to provide to your local council if their support is required for a project or grant.

Application Phase

Use our guidelines to learn more about the application process & what we look for from our Grassroots Grants projects.

Get quick answers to questions on how to apply, funding expectations and more.

Use this guide to find native nurseries near you to help provide plant species for your project or grant.

A full run-through of who can apply, eligible activities, a run-through of the process, and tips for a good application.

Granting Phase

Use our guidelines to learn about what data may need to be captured as part of your grant project.

Use this document as a template tax invoice for funds associated with your grant.

Use this form if you do not have an ABN

Use this document to learn how to appropriately refer to your funding source, and credit Green Adelaide.