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Your insider scoop on all things cool, green, and wild in metropolitan South Australia. Listen on-demand to the Green Adelaide Podcast.

Do you want or have a career or interest in SA’s environment industry? This podcast is your insider enviro-exclusive about the people, projects, and news of SA.

The podcast is hosted by our Communications Manager Melissa Martin (a podcast lover, environmental communications expert and a secret red-tailed black cockatoo fan), and it is your insider scoop on all things cool, green, and wild in metropolitan South Australia.

You’ll hear from the experts, including the leaders and ecologists to the planners and marketers.

We’re not your regular environmental podcast, we’re your cool cultural podcast. How we live with our environment in Adelaide is a culture that we must talk about.

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Podcast episodes

EPISODE 4: Interview with Dr Karl Hillyard from SA's Department for Environment and Water

On this episode we’ll be talking the in-and-outs of living with wildlife and managing human-wildlife conflicts in metropolitan South Australia, with Principal Ecologist Dr Karl Hillyard.

EPISODE 3: Interview with Geoff Williams from the Australian Platypus Conservancy

On this episode we’ll be talking everything about platypuses and the in-and-outs of reintroducing them to metropolitan Adelaide with world-renowned platypus expert Geoff Williams from the Australian Platypus Conservancy.

EPISODE 2: Interview with Tammy Partridge from Green Adelaide

Tammy's career from WA regional farm hand to SA urban water manager is a unique path. On episode 2, learn about her career, managing trash in the Torrens, e-flows, plus more.

EPISODE 1: Interview with Prof Chris Daniels who is the Chair of the Green Adelaide Board and Brenton Grear who is the Director of Green Adelaide

We chat all things from their school days, life and environmental career tips, the new-ish concept of "rewilding" and what it means for Adelaide, plus the dream of reintroducing platypus to the River Torrens / Karrawirra Pari one day soon.