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Let's make Adelaide a National Park City

South Australia is making an historic push to have Adelaide become the world’s next National Park City.

Adelaide’s push to become a National Park City is all about creating a city where people live with nature, not against it. And by claiming this title, South Australia would also draw local, national and international awareness, focus and investment to become an even more liveable city.

Imagine a city buzzing with nature – from birds, bees and butterflies, to turtles and fish, and our iconic Australian animals like platypuses. They have their habitat to live in, and we feel good and enjoy our nature-connected lifestyle.

Cities don’t have to be concrete jungles, full of cold high-rises and brick boxes. We can think about cities differently. More green spaces, and alternative spaces like green walls and green roofs.

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What is a National Park City?

A National Park City doesn’t mean a place that has a conservation framework, like our usual national parks in Australia.

A National Park City is a focused community effort to improve a city’s liveability, through a better connection between people and nature.

The concept is borrowed from the United Kingdom, with London being coined the world’s first National Park City back in 2019.

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What are the benefits?

An Adelaide National Park City means all the conveniences of a metropolitan lifestyle, paired with looking after nature for our wellbeing. This means a focused community effort to bring:

  • the beauty of nature for everyone to enjoy
  • more employment and job opportunities
  • more nature-based tourism opportunities
  • healthier plants and animals
  • support for people's physical and mental health
  • better air quality
  • increases in property values.