Four new appointments have been made to the Green Adelaide Board, to oversee the statutory body as it works towards its vision of a cooler, greener, wilder metropolitan Adelaide.

Led by Presiding Member Professor Chris Daniels, the Green Adelaide Board welcomes community engagement specialist Tiahni Adamson, Trees For Life Chief Executive Natasha Davis, senior architect Melanie Ford and outgoing Nature Play SA Chief Executive Sarah Sutter into the team.

Professor Daniels said that the new board members bring a wealth of diverse experience and perspectives that will both strengthen and reinvigorate the board.

“The Green Adelaide Board is here to provide strategic leadership and insights to help Green Adelaide deliver on its mission for a more vibrant and climate-resilient capital city,” he said.

“I sincerely congratulate our new board members on being appointed to the Green Adelaide Board and look forward to welcoming them and working alongside them to help shape the environmental future of our great city.

“Green Adelaide is playing an exciting role in driving environmental initiatives and activities, and these will be even more strongly supported now with the insights of our new board members.

“They bring extensive experience in everything from landscape architecture and environmental restoration to engagement, education and governance, which will make an enormous impact on the way Green Adelaide undertakes its core business and strives for bigger and bolder environmental outcomes.”

Along with the 4 new appointees, current board member Aboriginal Cultural Consultant and Youth Ambassador Tobias Turner has been reappointed.

Outgoing board members Dr Felicity-Anne Lewis, Kelvin Trimper, Greg Ingleton and Louka Parry will complete their tenure at the end of this month.

“Our outgoing board members – who, significantly, made up Green Adelaide’s inaugural board – have each made an instrumental contribution to the direction of this organissation at a critical time in its development,” Professor Daniels said.

“We are ready for the next chapter of our business and we are confident that the new members of our board will provide as much lively debate and strategic thinking as their predecessors.”

The new-look board will commence in July.

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