YEC Case Study

Protecting iconic species at Lipson Cove

Keira, a YEC member since 2019 was awarded a Grassroots Grant in 2020 from the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board to help protect local marine life at Lipson Cove.

She selected and researched three iconic local species; the Bottlenose Dolphin, Little Penguin and the White-Bellied Sea Eagle, and designed a sign showcasing information about the species, and how people can help protect them.

Installed in 2021, Keira shared she was “extremely excited” seeing the sign for the first time, and very happy with the result. The Minister for Environment and Water, and the Mayor of Tumby Bay visited Lipson Cove to help celebrate her work, a significant highlight for her and the community.

During 2021, Keira continued to learn about local biodiversity by assisting Flinders University students with bird surveys. She reports learning about penguins, crested terns and other island bird species, and in her own time submits observations to iNaturalist and local citizen science programs. She went on to develop and deliver a lesson with year 6/7 students at her school on biodiversity and caring for the environment, including a series of fun and engaging environmental activities.

Keira became an official YEC Mentor in 2021, and thrived in the role supporting YEC members with their projects, passing on her learning and enthusiasm for sustainability and the environment.

Keira has achieved significant awareness raising through her project. She was nominated for the Young Achiever Awards for her 2020 project progress, gaining wide recognition for her work. The Lipson Cove signage enables her important research to continue educating local visitors for years to come.