Sustainable Schools

Getting started

How you approach sustainability at your school will be unique. We have the tools and resources to help you get started.

These resources are designed to help you get started in building your site’s commitment to sustainability. There is no right way to go about sustainability and it is up to you and your school community to set the agenda.

Sustainable Schools:

  • sparks curiosity and increases student engagement

  • improves learning outcomes, including literacy and numeracy

  • provides financial savings through reduced utilities and waste reduction

  • improves environmental outcomes through hands-on learning experiences

  • enables families, teachers, students and children to work together for common goals and outcomes

  • creates a sense of agency through authentic and meaningful experiences in nature.

Tools and resources

Start a conversation and develop a shared understanding of what sustainability at your site could look like.

Helps develop a clear sense of purpose to inspire & motivate your school community to achieve your sustainability goals.

A Site Environment Management Plan will help your school community set sustainability priorities and monitor progress.

Adapt this template to meet your needs and help you reach your school's sustainability goals.

A resource for schools containing five developmental rubrics to support self-assessment and priority areas for action.

A resource for preschools containing five developmental rubrics to support self-assessment and priority action areas.

A resource to help students understand their impact by calculating their earth footprint