Choosing your plants

What to buy

Local native plants are a great low maintenance option for your garden. Adelaide’s native plants have adapted to survive our hot summers and wet winters – and generally need minimal TLC.

Adelaide’s local natives are Australian plants that are native to this area. They are native plants suitable for and found in Adelaide’s environment.

If you’re thinking a different species – originating elsewhere in Australia, or overseas – just make sure they aren’t considered a weed in South Australia.

Check out SA’s declared pest plants, and get to know our emerging weeds by looking at the ‘what not to plant' sections of our coastal and Adelaide gardens planting guides.

Declared and environmental weeds pose a major threat to the health of our natural environment.

You can use the Plant Selector+ tool to help your choose the right plants for the right places in your yard.

Top tip: Aim for diversity. The more different plants you plant the better. Nature thrives on diversity and diverse gardens are happy gardens.