The basics

Why plant?

There’s so many reasons why it’s good to green up your home – outside and inside.

Some top reasons are:

  • You will breathe cleaner air as plants create oxygen.
  • It’s pleasing to the eye. Plants look good, really good!
  • Plants create relaxing or calming environment and your home will become a sanctuary.
  • Plants can cool your home.
  • Plants grow homes and food for little creatures like butterflies and birds (outside).
  • Plants can provide food for your family (depending on what you plant).
  • To help tackle climate change and Adelaide’s rising temperatures.

When to plant

In Adelaide, it is best to plant outdoors in the cooler months through autumn and early winter.

This is because after planting the winter rains can take care of the watering for you. Also, your plant’s roots get a chance to establish before the weather heats up, giving the plant a better chance of survival.

For food plants, see this guide for what to plant when.