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Nominate SA’s urban green heroes for a Green Adelaide landcare award

Wednesday 11 August 2021

You can now nominate green heroes for the 2021 Australian State and Territory Landcare Awards, including a new award to specially honour an SA urban group of green champions.

Green Adelaide Urban Landcare Award

The State and Territory Landcare Awards is an annual and Australian-wide celebration to honour environmental champions from urban and rural communities excelling in sustainable agricultural practices, environmental protection, conservation of land and waterways, coastlines and biodiversity.

This year a new award category has been added to the South Australian Landcare Awards, one that celebrates an outstanding community group protecting and improving the urban environment through on-ground action or sustainable capacity building. The award is the ‘Green Adelaide Urban Landcare Award’ and applications are due by 27 September 2021.

The award recognises the winner’s contributions in the urban landscape with a cash prize, trophy and a framed certificate.

To find out more and nominate a local group of green heroes for the Green Adelaide Urban Landcare Award, take a look at the criteria below, then visit Landcare Australia to register your nomination.

Head to the Landcare Australia website to explore the 9 national awards too.

Green Adelaide Urban Landcare Award Criteria

  • Describe the group you are nominating. Please include how long they have been involved, why they got involved and the location of the project.
  • Describe what environmental management issue the group is responding to with their urban landcare project activities; describe any key challenges the nominee has faced and the strategies used to overcome them.
  • Describe how the group has repaired degraded land or natural assets, built capacity for sustainable living and/or nature connection and advocacy in an urban area, including the wider community/public benefit from project activities; include how the group has sought advice, worked with and involved the wider community, other landcare/community groups, government, local business, environmental management agencies, schools and youth groups, and Indigenous land managers in the development and implementation of its plans and projects.
  • Provide examples of how the group has shared and communicated its ideas, plans, skills, and results to encourage others in the community to increase engagement and participation in urban landcare (e.g. field trips, school visitation programs, community education campaigns, training workshops, online or media promotions, creating partnerships).
  • In 25 words (2-3 sentences), please summarise your nomination, highlighting the key messages that best describe why this group should be recognised for outstanding achievements to urban landcare.

The award is a partnership between Green Adelaide, the Landcare Association of South Australia and Landcare Australia.

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