Two new appointments have been made to the Green Adelaide Board to oversee the agency as it works towards a cooler, greener and wilder metropolitan Adelaide.

Led by Presiding Member Professor Chris Daniels, the Green Adelaide Board welcomes Mayor Angela Evans who is the current Mayor of the City of Charles Sturt and Craig Wilkins who the former CE of the Conservation Council of South Australia.

Professor Daniels said that the new board members bring extensive local government experience and a wealth of knowledge in conservation to improve urban biodiversity and mobilise local communities to support environmental work.

“The Green Adelaide Board is here to provide strategic leadership to the agency and help us achieve positive environmental outcomes and deliver a more climate-resilient capital city,” he said.

“I congratulate our new board members on being appointed and look forward to working alongside them to help shape the environmental future of our great city, its people and our state’s liveability.

“Green Adelaide is playing an exciting role in driving environmental iconic projects across metropolitan Adelaide with our stakeholders and the wider community, and these will be even more strongly supported now with the insights of our new board members.”

Along with the 2 new appointees, current board members Adrian Skull who amongst other things is the former CE of the City of Marion, Dena Vassallo who is the CE and Founder of marketing communications agency Society, as well as well-known local media personality, environmentalist and zoologist Professor Chris Daniels were reappointed to their positions on the board.

Outgoing board members Claire Boan and Trixie Smith will complete their tenure at the end of this month.

Professor Daniels said that the outgoing board members – who made up Green Adelaide’s inaugural board – have made significant contribution to the direction of the agency at a critical time in its development.

“We are ready for the next chapter of our business, and I am confident that the new members of our board will provide as much lively debate and strategic thinking as their predecessors,” Professor Daniels said.

The new and reappointed board members terms will commence on 1 July for 3 years.

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