Find out which metro SA councils have had funding matched for their sustainability projects in Round 2 of our Cooler, Greener, Wilder grants.

Image of wooden posts painted with pictures of people in different cultures. Photo by City of Burnside
There's lots of things to love about Penfold Park, but it's set to get even better. Photo: City of Burnside

Green Adelaide’s Cooler, Greener, Wilder grants support projects that will best deliver greening outcomes, while incorporating water-sensitive and biodiversity-sensitive urban design principles. Recipients match any funding granted with an equal co-contribution.

It’s the second year that this funding has been awarded, with the projects being funded in this year’s program all creating more tree canopy cover – which was found to be a key issue in our latest data found in collaboration with local councils.

Here are the latest projects to have their funding matched:

Adelaide street revitalisation

Artit impression of Hindley Street after upgrades. Image by City of Adelaide
Artit impression of Hindley Street after upgrades. Image by City of Adelaide

The City of Adelaide successfully gained a $200,000 Cooler, Greener, Wilder Grant toward tree planting and garden beds along Hindley Street as part of their revitalisation project – planning to create a vibrant, modern street environment that builds on recent upgrades in the west-end precinct.

They’ve just finished their public consultation on the concept design, with detailed design expected to be released between August and September, and construction expected from early next year.

Penfold Park improvements

Penfold Park in Magill – known for its large open space, trees, and relaxed atmosphere – is the subject of the City of Burnside’s improvement plans. The $25,000 Cooler, Greener, Wilder grant funding they received will go towards design work for:

  • improvements to stormwater management for healthy waterways
  • tree planting to improve canopy coverage
  • weed management and greening using locally sourced local natives.

If you’ve seen the TV show Utopia, you’ve probably cringed at the story of a green space being built without any testing or planning. That’s not about to happen here! The research and design work will guide the next stages of the improvements.

Pro tip: don’t forget you can apply for different phases of a project, just like the City of Burnside have done here with seeking funding for their design phase.

Healthier waterways and street greening in Hillcrest

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield successfully gained a $122,800 grant to improve the management of stormwater going into the River Torrens / Karrawirra Pari – and to create cool, shady spaces around Fleet Avenue in Hillcrest for people to enjoy.

This streetscape plan will be a big contribution to improving tree canopy cover in the area and ensuring healthy waterways.

Find out more about the Cooler, Greener, Wilder grants on our website.

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