Get ready for insights into Adelaide’s attitudes and behaviours towards the environment. Here’s the top findings from our latest independent market research.

The 3 separate surveys included in this blog: Green Adelaide Market Pulse Check (n=600) in August 2021, and another (n=600) in August 2022 as well as the South Australians and the Environment Survey (n=1200) in December 2021

Now, we understand that the mere mention of market research may make your eyes glaze over. But, hold on to your hats, because we're about to intrigue… or mildly amuse you.

First things first, because we are wannabe statisticians at heart, let’s talk sources. And not the tomato kind (though we’re all about that too, especially when they are home grown, read some tips).

We are talking data sources of our market research. The data was collected through independent online surveys in 2021 and 2022 with a diverse set of people living in Adelaide’s 17 metropolitan council areas.

This research aimed to get a grasp of the attitudes and behaviours of the people of Adelaide about nature, wildlife, greening or simply, the environment.

So how do people feel about the environment these days?

According to the research, the environment is a top priority for the people of metro Adelaide. In fact, it ranked as the third most important issue for them — only surpassed by health and hospitals.

Now, if you're curious about which environmental issues are occupying the magnificent minds of your fellow human, wonder no more. The top contenders are climate change, waste management, and water quality.

Believe it or not, a whopping 80% of you believe that Adelaide's environment is currently in good shape.

Now, we don't want anyone losing sleep at night, but it is comforting to know that 68% of those surveyed are still either very concerned or quite concerned about the environment.

Interestingly, females are 15% more likely to be moderately or extremely concerned about the environment.

So, what are the top concerns about the environment? It seems that developments encroaching on green spaces, as well as litter and neglected public areas, take the cake.

In a delightful twist, we discovered that 96% of those surveyed expressed an interest in playing a role in creating a more sustainable environment.

Don't be fooled into thinking that market research is a dry affair. Just like the River Murray, there's nothing dry about it currently. And as it turns out, this is the people of Adelaide’s most important natural resource, according to our respondents.

Water quality is definitely not a dry topic. Fortunately, we have plenty to say about looking after Adelaide's waterways.

And guess what? Almost half of the participants are in the know. A whopping 47% claim to have a good to excellent level of knowledge about how they can contribute to a sustainable environment. If you feel like you're one of the 52% that have fair or poor knowledge browse our blogs.

And, here’s the rest.

Wanna see the detail?

Love data? Or are you doing some behaviour or environmental research on Adelaide? We are happy to share this market research. Contact us for a copy.

The information contained in this blog is based on the findings of independent market research conducted 3 times over 2021 and 2022 by McGregor Tan. It included a total of 2700 people across metropolitan South Australia. The surveys included Green Adelaide Market Pulse Check (n=600) in August 2021, and another (n=600) in August 2022 as well as the South Australians and the Environment Survey (n=1200) in December 2021.

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