Adelaide’s rivers, creeks, lakes and coasts are set to benefit from close to $550,000 in funding to support projects that make better use of stormwater, cool urban streetscapes and reserves, improve water resources and educate primary school students on water sustainability.

Pasadena Biodiversity Corridor
The recently completed Pasadena Biodiversity Corridor received a water sustainability grant in 2020-21

Green Adelaide’s Water Sustainability Grants provide much-needed funding to individuals, community groups, businesses, schools and councils to adopt water sensitive urban design to manage water for the benefit of the environment and community.

Green Adelaide Board Presiding Member Professor Chris Daniels said the grants had been awarded to 9 applicants representing 7 councils, one school and one community group.

"The projects funded will deliver sustainable water management practices, increase urban greening and support research and education of water sensitive urban design principles, Professor Daniels said.

"The grants will also fund work to divert more stormwater back into local parks, investigate the effectiveness of current water sensitive urban design features, rehabilitate a stormwater channel, manage creek erosion and establish a raingarden.

“One of the grants will provide funding to support a Western Adelaide Water Lead position, working across the Cities of Charles Sturt, Marion, and Port Adelaide Enfield, to identify, develop, and deliver projects that sustainably improve water resources and urban greening throughout western Adelaide.

“In the suburbs of Modbury and Modbury North, the grants will enable the extension of the City of Tea Tree Gully’s recycled water network to three reserves located along the Dry Creek Corridor. This will assist council to activate the open spaces along the creek and make them more accessible to the community.

“In addition to these projects, a grant to St Mary’s College will enable primary school students with a passion for water sustainability, to research, plan and produce a series of educational theatrical shows that will be performed to other local primary schools.

“It’s great to see a range of different grant projects all promoting water sensitive urban design principles and contributing to a cooler, greener and more climate resilient Adelaide.”

For further information and a full list of the projects funded visit the Water Sustainability Grants webpage.

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