You can have your bouquet and eat it too! Did you know some of your favourite herbs and vegetables have edible flowers?

coriander flowers
Coriander flowers

When you think about food gardening, you might be thinking about a traditional vegetable patch or fruit trees. But did you know there’s a range of more common garden plants that have edible flowers? Growing a floral garden can give you a view both outside and on your plate.

8 flowers you might like to consider

  1. fuchsia
  2. pansy
  3. geranium
  4. rocket
  5. kale
  6. coriander
  7. borage
  8. calendula

These flowers can be used in many different ways, and have different flavours, so – after you make sure they’re the right type and safe to eat – give them a try and start experimenting! Read on for ideas to get you started.

fuschia flowers

1. Decorate cakes

Pansy and fuchsia are just a couple of the colourful additions you can make to your cake creations. Fuschias can have a tart taste, which nicely contrasts sweet desserts.

Edible flowers on a cake

2. Make friends with salad

Rocket and kale flowers can be mixed in along with the leaves for a great salad. Add some pansy and geranium – either whole or chopped up – for extra splashes of colour.

It may also either brighten or dampen your day to know that coriander flowers are edible. The little white flowers that grow when the coriander plant is ‘going to seed' can be used in your favourite dishes.

Edible flowers in a salad on a blue plate

3. Create impressive garnishes

Borage flowers taste like cucumbers, perfect for most drinks and dishes, but best of all their vibrant colour and fun star shape are a perfect final touch to the look of your dish.

Flowers in ice cubes
Flowers in ice cubes. Photo: Nataliya Kushnir, iStock.

4. Brighten up your ice cubes

Why can’t your cool drinks be beautiful? Scented geraniums make for great decorations in ice cubes. They come in different varieties that taste like their name – including lemon, nutmeg and orange varieties. Borage flowers and calendula petals are also fun beverage additions.

edible flowers on ice cream
Edible flowers on ice cream. Photo: Sbossert, iStock.

5. Colour your ice cream

Fuchsia and geranium can be mixed into homemade ice cream for a refreshing colour and flavour, or you can add petals on top with a few whole flowers to decorate your treats.

Borage. Photo: Madeleine Steinbach, iStock.

6. Brew a relaxing tea

Calendula and borage are great additions to refreshing hot or iced teas – for decoration as well as their calming aroma. Discover other flowers and herbs you could grow at home to have fresh tea at your fingertips.

Calendula tea with flowers beside it
Calendula tea

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