Adelaide’s bike-riding art enthusiast Pete Stokes has created a Strava ride in the shape of the National Park City icon. Read on to find out why he supports the movement for Adelaide.

Pete Stokes on bike with his Strava art of the National Park City icon (top) and a koala (bottom).

Pete’s National Park City icon is his latest in a series of bike-riding artwork, including a koala, potoroo, rabbit, fox and plesiosaur, created with the Strava app.

Pete said that he likes to create animal Strava artwork the most.

“They always get a lot of enjoyment from my viewership. You can show a lot of movement in them, and that’s the skill in doing this stuff… getting these pictures from being a 2D trace around the city, to being something that really has life in it,” Pete said.

“When I see the reactions to my pictures, that’s where I get a sense of fun from it. I like making people laugh.”

Pete added that Adelaide is a really nice place to get around on foot or on your bike.

“You’re absolutely not constrained to being in a car in this city. It’s so flat, it’s easy to pedal from one side to the other.”

“Cycling and being active in green space is one of the best things that you can do for your mental health. It’s a great way to reset yourself after a long day,” he said.

“I think Adelaide can be a National Park City because it has that uniqueness… Our city allows people get in touch with nature, and easily and comfortably move through the city. To my mind Adelaide already is a National Park City!”

What is Strava art?

Strava art is made using GPS to create a picture of your exercise whether it's cycling, running, swimming, walking or hiking. Your activity is then synced with to reveal your artwork. It has become a global craze.

Wanna make your own? Plan out your picture, have a good GPS signal and head to the Strava art website.

Pete Stokes Strava art of a potoroo

What is a National Park City?

It’s a movement to improve Adelaide’s liveability through a better connection between people and nature.

Imagine an Adelaide where nature is part of your life – a greener, healthier and wilder life.

Get involved

Pete’s Strava artwork is one of the many actions locally supporting Adelaide’s push to become a National Park City. Do you have a story to share? We’d love to hear it.

Join the Adelaide National Park City movement. Starting is as easy as pledging your support.

Pete Stokes Strava art of the National Park City icon

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