A once in a marine-life opportunity has opened for Adelaide residents, who are enthusiastic about the coast, to become Coastal Ambassadors.

Green Adelaide is calling for participants for its annual coastal education and awareness program which encourages community conservation and advocacy along our coast.

The Coastal Ambassadors program is building a network of community conservationists who share knowledge and resources. Over two hundred ambassadors have previously graduated from the course and are out in our community making a difference.

Green Adelaide Presiding Member Professor Chris Daniels said Coastal Ambassadors was an amazing opportunity for Adelaide residents to learn about and explore our amazing coast.

“One of Green Adelaide’s aims is to connect people with nature. Few cities in the world offer the opportunities to explore a dolphin sanctuary, international bird sanctuary, coastal dunes, reefs and seagrass meadows right on their doorstep,” Professor Daniels said.

“Green Adelaide wants to give people the skills and knowledge they can then put back into their local community to make a difference along our coast.

“Coastal Ambassadors are messengers who understand the coast and marine environment and want to inspire others to take an interest and take action along with their local community.”

Participants will gain firsthand experience through coastal walks, snorkelling in local marine parks, kayaking through the mangrove forests of the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, and birdwatching in the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary.

Professor Daniels said successful applicants would take part in six days of workshops and activities running from late January to March 2021 at locations along Adelaide’s amazing coastline.

The course is made possible by the many experts who donate their time to provide guest lectures. Participants will also learn about the efforts to conserve our coastal environments and wildlife from the many community groups supported by Green Adelaide.

Program numbers are limited to 20 adult participants. However, for those aged 13-15, Green Adelaide will again be offering its Youth Coastal Ambassadors program later in 2021.

People wanting to learn more about the coast and get actively involved in its conservation can register their interest online at the Green Adelaide website.

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