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Are you looking to help people connect with nature? Do you want to support them to build cooler, greener and wilder homes, schools and communities?

We have compiled a directory of local facilitators who offer a range of workshop and courses with communities across metropolitan Adelaide. Their offerings inspire and enable participants to take action, live more sustainably and become nature stewards.

Workshops and course are delivered in person or online.


Kaurna and Aboriginal Culture

Kuma Kaaru
Founded by Jack Buckskin, Kuma Kaaru provides consultancy, workshops, guest speaking, Dance, Master of Ceremonies, Cultural Awareness Training, Cultural Tours, Smoking and Cleansing, Welcome to Country.

Southern Cultural Immersion
Founded by Corey Turner, Southern Cultural Immersion offer school excursions, tours, Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremonies, Introduction to Aboriginal Art classes, Cultural Awareness Training, Ochre Play, Weaving Workshops, Boomerang Throwing Workshops and Cultural Consultancy.

Tjindu Foundation
The Tjindu Foundation facilitates Cultural Awareness Training Workshops to connect non-First Nations Australians to traditional culture, language and history. The complete Cultural Awareness Workshop encourages participation in cultural practices, including sharing traditional food and outdoor activities.

Walking Together
Walking Together work to create meaningful experiences for children on Country offering three separate workshop experiences at Morialta, Adelaide CBD and Wirraparinga. They also offer school incursions.

Nature connection

Nature Play SA
This not-for-profit organisation inspires the South Australian community to engage with nature in creative, sustainable and meaningful ways. They provide nature connection workshops and resources for people of all ages, and professional development sessions for educators.

Wattle + Wonder
A range of creative, educational and fun experiences for people of all ages, to spark curiosity, connect with nature and inspire a love of native plants. Workshops include nature craft, establishing a native habitat garden and nature journaling.

Wild Craft Studio
Wild Craft Studio offers art workshops for children and adults, inspired by the natural environment and linked to biodiversity education and mindfulness. Art-forms include pottery, print-making, outdoor painting and botanical illustration.

Nature Street
A tailored workshop exploring why nature connection is so important. Learn tips and tricks to fit small doses of nature into our daily lives, as well as local places to explore, play and connect.

Heidi Wolff, Smartphone nature photography
Build your smartphone photography skills with this workshop focused on nature photography. You’ll learn basic photographic concepts and tips for photographing landscapes and wildlife. This practical workshop includes outdoor time and expert critique to best photograph nature with your smartphone.

Native plants and animals

FrogWatch SA
South Australia’s legendary frog expert Steve Walker provides free information sessions on native frogs and how to create frog friendly gardens. Evening guided walks and frog searches. How to use the FrogSpotter app to contribute to valuable citizen science data.

Nest box building workshops, carved hollows workshop (specialised session for arborists) and talks about the wildlife of Adelaide, attracting wildlife, and hollow habitats.

Bringing Back the Butterflies
Presentations and workshops for schools and community groups about native butterflies and their ecological importance. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Workshops can include propagation of habitat plants, and the design, preparation, establishment and maintenance of local native gardens for butterflies, birds, bees and bugs.

Water smart homes and communities

Water Sensitive SA
Learn ways to capture rainwater for reuse inside and outside of your home. Discover how to work with nature to create green and cool homes that support biodiversity and protect our waterways and oceans.

Sustainable living

Living Smart
A multi-week program usually delivered in 2.5 h sessions over 7 weeks. Sessions cover gardening for biodiversity and food; water smart homes; community; healthy you, healthy home; living simply; waste; energy; and transport.

KESAB environmental solutions
KESAB offers a range of tours, workshops and presentations on waste management to meet your needs.

Folk of All Trades
Sustainability workshops delivered online and in-person on a range of simple living skills including making sourdough, kombucha and other natural ferments; growing organic veggies; natural beekeeping; carving wooden spoons; natural hiking and camping meals; natural homes; and making beeswax wraps, produce bags and jute scrubbers.

Little Earthies
Little Earthies provides teacher and student courses to help people implement ecologically sustainable practices and principles in all aspects of school, home and community life. They aim to empower individuals and groups so they have positive impacts on the environment and make a world of difference at their local level.

Tandem Energy
Tandem Energy’s Climate Action Project is a collection of educators and activists offering a series of engaging and empowering workshops for organisations wanting to increase their climate action.

Made by Howies
Art, craft and upcycling workshops including a Plastic Magic workshop turning plastic lids into usable board game pieces.

Permaculture SA
Introduction to Retrosuburbia workshops supporting sustainable urban living with the aim to help revitalise communities and change the way we live and interact with each other and our environment. Topics include; re-greening your house and neighbourhood; seed saving and propagation; introducing permaculture to your life; permaculture for families; and climate resilient households and communities.

Urban agriculture

The Food Embassy
Liz Sanders facilitates Food Matters workshops and mentoring to support sustainable food systems.

Every Day Sustainable Living
Chris Day facilitates workshops on Food gardens, compost, pruning, pest management, worms and more.

Patch of Plenty
Indi and Phoebe present on planning your garden, composting, irrigation, gardening on a budget, growing from seed, pests and guests, great soil, preserving.

Wagtail Urban Farms
Steven Hoepfner provides insight into fruit tree pruning, growing great veggies, native edible plants, composting and worms and more. or 0421 816 106.

The Peaceful Seed
Keitha Thuy Young facilitates sessions on growing herbs, Seed saving, Folk herbalism, accessible gardening for disability, general food gardening and more. or 0422 785 500.

Lettuce Rocket Permaculture
Emily Gray and Lachlan Mckensie run training on growing great veggies, wicking beds, worm farming, organic pest management, kids programs, chickens and more. or 0455 315 345.

Kitchen Farm Adelaide Hills
Kym Ormand presents on patch from scratch, permaculture, compost and worms, wicking beds, pest management, food preserving, seed saving and more.

Alan Shepard
Alan presents on composting and worm farms, propagation, sustainable gardening, waterwise gardening, setting up a vegetable garden, organic gardening, gardening in small spaces. or 0432 970 466.

The Food Centre
Olexij Straschko presents on building self-watering pots, food preservation, paddock to plate.
Contact on or 0431 380 448.

Alex Miller
Alex facilitates training in setting up and running community gardens. or 0415 237 312.

The Wild Food Huntress
Kate Grigg facilitates sessions on mushroom foraging.

The Foodprint Experience
Melissa Rayner presents on healthy sustainable cooking, using kitchen scraps, preserving. or 0434 675 863.

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