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Wild Rabbits

Widely regarded as agriculture’s most costly pest, wild rabbits have an estimated impact of $200 million a year on agricultural production.

While some people may think they're cute and fluffy, wild rabbits have devastated the Australian environment. They destroy ecosystems by eating native plants and outcompeting native animals, as well as causing erosion by digging warrens.

To reduce the likelihood of wild rabbits making themselves at home on your property, make sure you keep your yard clean and tidy. Piles of wood, green waste and scrap metal make excellent sanctuaries for them.

Domestic rabbits can also cause damage to native plants if they escape, therefore owners of domestic rabbits have legal obligations under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019. Wire exclusion fences or tree guards can be used to keep rabbits out and prevent damage to the plants on your property.

A rabbit sits in amongst plants

Further information on management of wild rabbits

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