Plants for butterflies

Few would argue about the beauty of butterflies. If you’d like to see more of them in your yard one of the most important things you can do is provide the plants that they love.

Here’s some butterfly-attracting plants to consider for your Adelaide home.

Common nameScientific nameGood for coastal gardens*?
Coast bitterbushAdriana quadripartitaYes
Common everlastingChrysocephalum apiculatumYes
Satin everlastingHelichrysum leucopsidiumYes
Austral trefoilLotus australisYes
Drooping sheoakAllocasuarina verticillataYes
Sticky hop-bushDodonaea viscosaYes
Ruby saltbushEnchylaena tomentosaYes but could also consider climbing saltbush (Einadia nutans).
Twiggy bush-peaPultenea largiflorensNo
Twiggy daisy bushOlearia ramulosaNo
Creeping boobiallaMyoporum parvifollumYes
Pale fanflowerScaevola albidaNo – consider the alternative cushion fanflower (Scaevola crassifolia).
Running postmanKennedia prostrataYes
Kangaroo grassThemeda triandraNo – consider a plant named after a similar animal, wallaby grass (Austrodanthonia spp.).
Common tussock-grassPoa labillardieriYes
Knobby club-rushFicinia nodosaYes

*Note: Coastal gardens are those within 5 kilometres of the coast.

For full details about these plants, visit the Adelaide gardens planting guide. Live within 5 km of the coast? Check out the coastal gardens planting guide instead.

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Main image Australian painted lady, courtesy of Jeremy Gramp.