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Rewilding Adelaide's birds of prey

A rewilding project to enhance the habitat and raise awareness of metropolitan Adelaide’s majestic birds of prey.

Let’s look after Adelaide’s birds of prey. We’ll work to rewild the city with raptors.

With partners like the City of Adelaide, we’ll raise awareness and improve habitat for metropolitan Adelaide’s birds of prey.

Project details

The project will run over 2021 and 2022 to monitor raptor breeding sites, carry out nest site assessments, and investigate ways to improve their habitat.

We’ll also run events and educational campaigns to share knowledge and align efforts to look after these top order predators.

We know that birds of prey can easily adopt and thrive in urban environments and we want to ensure they continue living and breeding in our city.

Rewilding metro Adelaide for raptors is vital because they are a sign of a healthy ecosystem, and feed on pests like rats and pigeons.

What birds of prey species live in metro Adelaide?

There are 27 species of raptors across South Australia, with 17 found in metropolitan Adelaide (some are seen only occasionally).

Peregrine falcons and Australian hobbies live in the city centre, and collared sparrowhawks and brown goshawks are often seen patrolling the suburbs.

Protecting raptor habitat and raising public awareness of these birds is important to secure their populations in urban areas and promote urban biodiversity.

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More information

Birds of prey vs. raptors

Birds of prey are also known as raptors, they include species such as eagles, falcons, hawks and harriers.

Birds of prey use their keen eyesight, curving beaks and strong talons to hunt living prey.

Juvenile square-tailed kite in flight.

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Peregrine falcon. They are known for their speed and are actually the fastest animals on the planet.

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