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Rewilding Adelaide: Enhancing birds of prey habitat and awareness

A rewilding project to enhance the habitat and raise public awareness of metropolitan Adelaide’s majestic birds of prey.

Let’s look after Adelaide’s birds of prey. Green Adelaide will work with partners to re-wild the city with raptor friendly habitat and raise awareness of these amazing top order predators.

Green Adelaide is leading this rewilding project with partners such as the City of Adelaide over the next year to explore monitoring of raptor breeding sites, nest site assessments, and investigate ways to improve their habitat. Events will be held to share knowledge and align efforts to look after these masters of the sky.

Metropolitan Adelaide is home to a diversity of raptors, with peregrine falcons and Australian hobbies living in the city, as well as collared sparrowhawks and brown goshawks often sighted patrolling the suburbs. This reflects how well they can adapt and thrive in an urban environment. This project will look to improve their habitat, as well as raise public awareness for the long term protection and conservation of these special birds.

Rewilding metro Adelaide for raptors is vital because they are a sign of a healthy ecosystem, and feed on pest species like rats and pigeons. Protecting raptor habitat and raising public awareness of these birds is important to secure their populations in urban areas and promote urban biodiversity.

Rewilding programs and projects like this one, as well as bringing platypus back to the Torrens and creating a more butterfly friendly city form part of Adelaide’s push to become a National Park City.

(Banner image is a square-tailed kite)

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What are birds of prey?

Birds of prey are also known as raptors, they include species such as eagles, falcons, hawks, harriers. There are 27 species of raptors across South Australia, with 17 found across metropolitan Adelaide (some are seen only occasionally).

Birds of prey use their keen eyesight, curving beaks and strong talons to hunt living prey.

Juvenile square-tailed kite in flight.

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Peregrine falcon. They are known for their speed and are actually the fastest animals on the planet.