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Nature does amazing things for people, and people can do amazing things for nature.

Volunteer with us

Nature gives us a lot to be thankful for. If you’ve got some spare time up your sleeve, we’d love you to consider volunteering.

Whatever your age, skill level, interest and availability, it’s easy to make volunteering work for you. There are many volunteering groups in the Green Adelaide region protecting our precious environment.

Simply view the map below to see which groups are operating nearest to you, then get in touch with them using the contact list.

  • weeding
  • trail maintenance
  • seed collection
  • street tree surveys
  • heritage conservation
  • planting
  • work with local school groups
  • community gardens
  • propagation
  • community planting days
  • community education
  • riparian restoration
  • animal and plant surveys
Map of volunteer groups - Green Adelaide

Map of volunteer groups

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Contact list - Green Adelaide

Contact list

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Other opportunities to volunteer

Community-run environment centres within the Green Adelaide region provide people with other opportunities to get involved. The centres are hubs for environmental action and support community of all backgrounds in living sustainably, valuing, caring for, learning about and enjoying the experience of the natural environment. Services include:

  • Delivering a regular program of events to build capacity in the community for environmental action and stewardship.
  • Information and resources to promote and connect people with local groups and the environment.
  • Partnering with groups and organisations to deliver activities and events that help share skills and knowledge with the wider community.
  • Connecting existing groups with community members looking for volunteer opportunities.
  • Promoting groups' activities to a larger network through social media, blogs and e-newsletters.
  • Providing a venue for groups to connect and meet.
  • A sounding board for ideas and community planning.

Adelaide Sustainability Centre

A community environment centre promoting sustainable living and meaningful environmental connection.

Events, workshops, film nights, public talks and children’s activities focusing on connecting with nature and sustainable urban living. A space to connect with people in a positive, sharing environment. Resources and information that build the capacity of the community to undertake action to support natural resource management and sustainable urban living. Connections to sustainable food production. Support for ecologically sustainable natural resource management in the region.

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Port Environment Centre

The Port Environment Centre is a community driven organisation and 'gathering place' that supports the community in living sustainably, valuing, caring for, learning about and enjoying the experience of the natural coastal, marine and estuarine environment.

The Port Environment Centre is a place to meet like-minded individuals and learn more about the local environment, local environmental community groups and how to live more sustainably in your own home.

Get involved

More information on volunteering

For volunteering within the Green Adelaide region, contact our Community Engagement Officer.

Interested in volunteering outside the Green Adelaide region? Please check the Landscape South Australia website and contact the relevant region.

For more information about volunteering in parks please email Friends of Parks Administration Officer Pam Smith or visit the Friends of Parks SA website.

Good luck with your volunteering!


Discover environmental community groups across Australia with the National Landcare Directory.

Search Volunteering SA to find an opportunity just right for you.

Become a community scientist in your own backyard by exploring the Australian Citizen Science Project Finder.

Join a community group

Metropolitan South Australia is bursting with passionate community groups who are helping Green Adelaide bring our vision of a cooler, greener and wilder Adelaide to life.

If you would like to get involved and start making an impact, check out the groups listed below and visit their websites to find out more information.

SA Urban Food Network

Join the SA Urban Food Network in working towards a regenerative local food system.

Food systems consider everything to do with getting food onto our plates – from farming, storing, processing, transporting, marketing, selling, cooking and eating, as well as disposing of food waste.

We support the network to run events to connect people and build the skills, knowledge and capacity needed for regenerative and fair ways of nourishing our communities.

How to get involved

Head over to the SA Urban Food Network website to find out more.

Eco Families

Eco Families coordinate gatherings for families to connect with other families and share knowledge and skills to live healthy and sustainable lives.

Eco Families Adelaide meet on the last Wednesday of each month at 10.30 am at our home base. Find out about our next meeting here. Our group meets face-to-face at monthly gatherings, with an active Facebook community group supporting each other between sessions.

The Eco Families Guide gives you the tools to start and nurture your own local Eco Families group.

New groups that use the Eco Families name, Facebook group and resources will be supported by the Adelaide Sustainability Centre, Green Adelaide and Conservation Council of SA. Support will vary from group to group, depending on what is needed.