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Teacher resources

Browse our downloadable ID charts and teaching packages for use in schools and the community.

ID charts

Our downloadable ID charts are available to support the discovery of Adelaide's plant and animal species.

Ants ID Chart

PDF | 3.2 MB

Beachcombing ID Chart

PDF | 8.6 MB

Butterflies ID Chart

PDF | 6.6 MB

Birds ID Chart

PDF | 4.25 MB

Freshwater fish ID Chart

PDF | 4.0 MB

Frogs ID Chart

PDF | 1.4 MB

Fungi ID Chart

PDF | 6.7 MB

Teacher packs

Our downloadable teacher packs include class agendas and teaching information about Adelaide's environment. They are available to support nature education in schools and the community.

Ants teaching pack

PDF | 8.9 MB

Frogs teaching pack

PDF | 13.4 MB

Water catchments teaching pack

PDF | 15.1 MB