Our Priorities

Green streets and flourishing parklands

Lush, green streets and parklands are more than just beautiful. Green Adelaide will increase tree canopy cover and green spaces to create cooler urban areas, encourage biodiversity and improve community health and wellbeing.

With our population increasing and more people living in apartments or houses with little to no backyard, the need for healthy, green spaces has never been more important. Not only do trees and parks provide homes for our native wildlife and give us space for outdoor recreation, they also help to reduce urban heat.

Urban heat mapping has identified ‘heat islands’ in the Adelaide metropolitan area. These areas generally have fewer green spaces, trees, shrubs and grass and can be up to 3 to 4 degrees hotter on sunny days. It’s vital that tree cover and green spaces are increased to help maintain the community’s quality of life and enable us to better adapt to climate change.

In order to increase the number of trees and green spaces across Adelaide, Green Adelaide will ensure that the biodiversity and water sensitive urban design and green streets and flourishing parklands priorities are strongly linked. This will be done by partnering with local government to determine the priority areas for greening activities and by incorporating water sensitive urban design into new developments and infrastructure.

Green Adelaide will also help to fund and provide grants to local government to deliver greening outcomes in public spaces.

Increasing tree canopy cover and green spaces across our beautiful city is just one of Green Adelaide’s seven priorities. Read more about the other priorities here.