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Controlling pest plants and animals

Adelaide is rich with native wildlife, but the pest species that have been introduced pose a threat to their survival. Green Adelaide is coordinating the management of invasive pests by working with landholders, government, businesses and the broader community.

As people have modified the natural environment over time, this has led to the decline of many native species, but also increases in a small number of species that have been able to take advantage of this changed environment. Unfortunately, some of these native species are now considered to be overabundant, and require as much attention and management as introduced species.

Managing the impact of pest species in metropolitan South Australia is vital. Not only do they impact our native plants and animals, but they also impact produce growers, farmers and the broader community. The responsibility for managing these pests is shared amongst all of us, and Green Adelaide is working to coordinate management actions, educational programs and collaborative partnerships to manage these invasive species.

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